September 16, 2013

New York Fashion Week


    Do you feel it kiddies? It's that time of the year again. New York Fashion Week is equivalent to Christmas in the fashion community and it certainly did not disappoint. While I took the unconventional approach and hopped on a plane to New York City, I'm sure the rest of you were at home stalking Style's webpage for updated coverage on the shows. Here is a look at some of my favorite NYFW looks.

    Lets all just take a moment to really take in Rebecca Minkoff's lace up gladiator heels. In my opinion they are pure perfection and I can not wait for spring to come around again so the trend can come back. From the sheer top to the mint green shorts, I am loving this easy breezy look.

   Being a true 90's girl, I died when I saw Rag and Bone's version of overalls. The simple silhouette and crisp white color make these perfect for the pastel patterns of spring time. Overalls have also been making such a big comeback lately, it shouldn't be long before cheaper options are available for everyone's budgets. I can't wait to pair mine with a floral crop top and camel sandals.

   If I could marry a company, it would hands down be J.Crew. The preppiness it brings to the table alone makes me swoon over every outfit. Pair that with neon colors and rhinestones and I will never leave the store. Watching the presentation had me dying for warmer weather already, but if I can get my hands on this neon green jacket I might be able to accept the cold.

There are some of my favorites for NYFW, tell me yours in the comments below. And don't be too bummed about NYFW ending, because now we're heading to London where the fun starts all over again.

April 16, 2013

Designer Obsession: Michael Kors

It should come as no surprise when I say I am literally in love with Michael Kors. They way he designs for every woman and makes all of his pieces so effortlessly classic makes them a staple in all wardrobes. This season Kors designed his collection with a fun, bright and nautical feel and I honestly can not get enough. Between his striped totes, vibrate yellows and leather accents every piece feels free spirited and beach ready. This is a list of my favorite things from his new collection.

This is the bag that started my obsession. It's available in navy, yellow and red. I would honestly buy every color I could. It would be so perfect for a beach day or a school bag.

This cherry red color would be so pretty in the summer and I love the caramel brown leather accents. I'm looking for a new tote bag and this one definitely tops my list.

Last but not least in the bag department, this beautiful yellow striped tote with rope accents. There are barely any words to even describe this tote. It's just perfect.

Moving onto shoes, this pair of gold wedges is so, so so cute. I think they'd look so cute with white skinny jeans or a sun dress. They would elongate your legs while making them look so tan at the same time.

For more casual days, these sandals come in so many bright, fun colors and are perfect for slipping on and off. I love the little T strap front and how simple they are.
 This cellphone case is an added little bonus if you want to splurge a little but not blow your bank account. I love the big gold nameplate on top of the chunky red stripes. Your phone will be ready for a day of sailing after this, well at least look like it anyway.

 All items can be purchased at Nordstrom

March 29, 2013

How to Find Your Perfect Bathing Suit

  Today I saw something that I thought I would never see again, the sun. It was so beautiful, so perfect and so everything I've been needing lately. As I was prancing around outside enjoying the warm on my face a scary little thought popped into my head, it is almost bathing suit season. Bathing suit season, in my opinion, is the best and worst thing about summer. Every year stores come out with new styles in pretty colors with girly details that just make me want to buy every single one and never take them off. That is until I realize that wearing one makes me practically naked and I haven't been to the gym in forever, and I have recently consumed half my body weight in jelly beans. So with that being said, I'm putting together a little listy lou of bathing suits for different body types, you can thank me later.

Ohhhh Victoria's Secret, talk about a game changer. Anytime you are looking for a new bathing suit, immediately go to VS. They have the cutest ones in a ton of different styles. This one is great for small chested girls. The top is a Fabulous Push Up which will boost the girls up and make you look bigger than you actually are.

This bikini top from Forever 21 is also perfect for smaller chested girls. The ruffles give the affect of being larger without exposing too much. This tankish style top is also really trendy right now, you'll be perfectly in season in any color you choose.

For girls with bigger chests, Victoria's Secret offers great choices to hold everything in place. VS even has bathing suits in size DD, which can be tricky to find. This one is perfect with the wider straps and cups. It has minimal padding for extra coverage, so you never have to worry about anything becoming exposed while you're on the beach.

For girls out there with straight and athletic bodies, Forever 21 has cute high waisted bottoms that will give you coverage and fake curves. Since the bottoms sit higher on the waist, it will bring your hips out  and elongate your legs so you look curvy but still proportional. This will also make shorter girls look taller by extending your legs.

If you're looking for more coverage, tankinis and one pieces are still totally in. Just because you're not in a bikini doesn't mean you have to look frumpy. This pretty one from Victoria's Secret comes in multiple colors that are perfect for summertime. The top gives appropriate cleavage while the rest keeps you covered.

   This one piece from Victoria's Secret has a Firm Control system built in that keeps everything in place and hides any imperfections. The black color is very slimming and the suit is offered up to size 16DD.

These last three I added in as little bonuses. All these suits are very on trend right now and would look amaze on all different body types. You can get all three of them at Pac Sun.

Are any of you guys shopping for new bathing suits? Let me know in the comments below if you plan on trying any of these out.


March 13, 2013

My Latest Obsessions- Shift Dresses and Tribal Print

As I'm sure we all know by now, it doesn't take a lot to get me excited for a new trend. Once I see it in pretty colors and available for a good price, I have to have it. This Spring is no exception. My current lust worry trends are shift dresses and anything in tribal print. Shift dresses first caught my attention when I spotted a couple on LuLu's in pretty pastels. I knew at once I need 4 of them for the warmer months to show off my tan. They are just so effortlessly gorgeous looking and perfect for throwing on over a bathing suit to grab lunch or go shopping. Tribal print has been around the past couple of seasons, but now it's being made over in gorgeous neon colors that make me need it. From tops, to bags, to phone cases tribal print is easy to bring in to any wardrobe.

This was the original dress I saw back in January that started it all. Such a pretty color combination with the cream and ombre pink, I wanted it immediately. I tried to be good and not order it for a little while, but we all know I have zero self control and recently purchased it. You can pick it up here and we can be twinnies.

This is a new addition to the website and I am dangerously close to purchasing it. Not only is it brightly colored, but it's brightly colored with this seasons most popular colors. I would wear this dress everyday if it wasn't considered weird. I love the half sleeves on the dress and how easy it is to dress it up or down. You can purchase it here

I feel like we're all friends here, so I know that I can tell you guys that I also bought this dress (in a different color) and you won't judge me. I was debating back and forth between this color and the peach/lilac color that I bought. I adore this cream and navy combo and now I'm a little sad I didn't get this one. This would be perfect in the summer with cognac sandals and long gold necklaces. You can get it here, just don't tell me or otherwise I'll be really jealous.

These are by far my favorite pair of pants ever. I can't get over how cute the coral is with the pink tribal print. I want them so, so so bad but I'm trying so hard to behave. These would be so cute with a sheer flowy top and brown leather sandals. They may accidentally end up in my shopping cart after this blog because I need them. You can get them here

If you're feeling less certain about tribal print and want to slowly introduce pieces into your closet, these bangles are perfect. I love how the coral and yellow would spice up any outfit without making it look too much. Grab them here.

This shirt is great for casual days where you don't want to put much effort into choosing an outfit. I love the metallic accents that keep it from looking too boring. The blues and pinks together also give the shirt a very girly vibe without being too overpowering. Find it here.

Last but not least, is this gorgeous dress from LuLu's. I love the soft colors in this dress because it's so different from anything else I've seen. I also love the high-low hem and halter neck. It's a very unusual shape in the perfect way. This dress would look great with a pair of black heels for an evening out.

Now that you guys know I'm a complete shopaholic and have no restraint, what are you planning on picking up this season? I'm still waiting for the warm weather to show up so I have a chance to wear all my new clothes, but until then I'll just keep day dreaming about all the different ways I could be wearing them. Have a great week.


February 18, 2013

How to Wear: Combat Boots

Last fall's trends hit me like a ton of bricks. Suddenly there were short leather boots everywhere. Lace up, black, brown, studded and zippers, combat boots came in every variety and I knew I needed at least six pairs. Now that it's currently winter and all I can think of is spring, I'm starting to see my boots in a whole new light. Instead of giant knit sweaters and hats, I'm thinking about pairing them with sweet lace shirts and pretty summer dresses. These outfits are my newest obsession and the only way I'm making it through winter without losing my sanity.

This is the perfect way to bring your fall boots into spring. The mix between girly delicate pieces and the tough studded boots makes for a great combo. Steve Madden always has a great selection of boots, including the pair above.

This is my favorite kind of outfit. I love simple flirty dresses than can just be thrown on and go with everything. Once the temperatures start heating up I can guarantee this will be a go-to look again and again this spring.

This outfit is perfect for those lazy days where you want to look like you got ready but you also want to be comfy all day. This sweater is from Etsy and I am so beyond obsessed with it!

Once summer comes I will for sure be pairing my boots with shorts on long walking days, I just can't get enough. What is your spring inspiration? Leave me a comment below.


February 13, 2013

NYFW 2013- Favorites

Can you feel it in the air? Hear the high pitch screams of fashionistas everywhere? That's right, it's Ready-To-Wear Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week and designers did not disappoint. From multiple textures layered together to unexpected color choices, NYFW has blown our minds once again. I'll start with the usual, black everything (of course), wool coats, structured pants and fur was seen on almost every runway. But it was the unusual that really had me thinking outside of my comfort zone. This year Michael Kors mixed up his collection with cobalt blues, neon pops of color and camouflage. Tory Burch brought grandma chic with soft whites and delicate beading. BCBG Max Azria featured moody florals in deep, dark colors. Betsey Johnson stuck to what she knows best with bright pinks, yellows and blues for fun workout gear. No matter who you stopped in to see, every designers brought their A game and left you wanting more. I almost get a little emotional knowing that NYFW will be over tomorrow, until I remember we still have Lodon, Milan and Paris after.

Michael Kors brought so many fabulous elements to his collection. This first look is so business chic until she turned around the top was backless. It gave the outfit a little bit of unexpected sexiness I didn't know I wanted.

A cobalt blue, high-low, sweetheart strapless dress? Yes please. I have no idea where I would wear this, but I would think of some occasion because it's just so cute.


I love how Vera Wang used minimal make-up with dark plum lipstick on all the models. It gives the sweet florally outfits a little goth side and I for one am obsessed. I also love the mix and match prints and color choices she used. There were a couple of outfits with this gorgeous vibrant purple that I could not get over.

I love, love, love this creamy fabric with giant beadwork that Tory Burch featured. The collar and trim on both of these garments is so girly and pretty, I could wear it over and over again. The skirt is another piece with gorgeous detail on the bottom. I also love that she kept everything else black to give it more drama.

Then out walked this dress from Tory that is so babydoll chic, I fell in love all over again. I love the soft pink color with gold accents. The collar on this dress alone is to die for.

Alice + Olivia is by far, hands down my favorite collection. There are almost no words for how beautiful every piece is. Not only did they bring florals in amazing colors, but they used unexpected textures together perfectly. I love the quilted leather and tulle ballerina skirt combo in the second picture. Every single outfit was better than the next and the finale did not let me down. These high neck, open back, lace and feather dresses are so perfect in every way I can not stop staring at them. Especially with the bold red lip they used in every shot.

Now that you have my favorites it's time to tell me yours. Did any shows not live up to their name? Was there one that blew you away? You can look at all the collections here and then leave your thoughts below.


February 07, 2013

Spring Break Essentials- Clothing

With blizzards and below zero temperatures hitting Michigan for the past couple of weeks there is no question that Spring Break is on my brain. All I can think about lately is laying on the beach with oversized sunglasses blocking out the sun, a floral ruffled bikini on and an umbrella drink in my hand. While most of Spring Break is spent in teeny tiny bikinis, there are times where you have to put on actual clothes to go out into public. I'm talking clubs, restaurants and shopping of course. While "less is more" is the motto of the week, here are some of this seasons hottest trends for when you want to look Spring Break ready.

Your first essential for Spring Break is neon colored t-shirts. Nothing, and I mean nothing will make you look more tan than neon colors. These v-necks from American Eagle come in the brightest colors and are perfect for those lazy beach days.

Neon colored button downs are perfect for those days where you want to look like you're put together without all the hassle of putting yourself together. This button down from American Eagle would look amazing for an afternoon of strolling around the touristy shops.

Speaking of neon colored everything, white shorts are the perfect balance for all your crazy colored tops. These make your legs look long, lean and tan while staying simple and sending the focus up top. This pair from Hollister will go with any top you pack.

Colored jeans are here to stay and I couldn't be more excited. For those cooler nights when you're heading to dinner or the bar, try a pair of neon coral skinnies and a simple white top for maximum appeal. Throw on some long gold necklaces and you'll be beach chic in no time. These are from Forever 21.

I have been obsessed with this outfit since the first time I laid my eyes on it. Even though the style of the pieces are simple, the dramatic colors paired together make this outfit bold and fun. I would wear this to a late lunch oceanside or walking around an outside mall. You can get the skirt from Lulus.

Don't forget your footwear. These sandals from Hollister will go with any of the above outfits and are easy to throw off for those spontaneous trips into the ocean.

I know I said this post was for those times when it isn't acceptable to wear swimwear, but how can you not fall in love with this mint fringe bikini from Forever 21? I know I couldn't resist and bought it as soon as I found it.

Going anywhere for Spring Break? Tell me your plans in the comments below and what your Spring Break essentials are. With all the new neon colored clothing being released and this Michigan weather, I just may never come back.