January 29, 2013

January Favorites

I cannot believe how fast January has gone by! It seems like just yesterday I was waiting for Santa to come down the chimney with all sorts of goodies and now I'm panicking about Spring Break plans. Since I received a lot of new things for my birthday and Christmas I figured it's the perfect time for a favorites post.

My first favorite is the Get Your Act Together top I received for my birthday. It is the perfect top for going out and I absolutely adore it. I wore it with a pair of sequin leggings and booties for New Year's Eve and got tons of compliments on it. You can pick it up here, just know that this website sells out quickly!

These have been my secret favorites all month since the weather has been so horrible and I don't dare take them out in the snow. They are Tory Burch Tumbled Leather Reva Ballet Flats and they are so perfect. I received the black pair for my birthday and I cannot wait for the weather to clear up so I can start wearing them everyday. Maybe by then I can talk myself into the tan pair I've been drooling over as well. You can purchase them here

I'll be honest and say that while I do love these boots, I mostly fell in love with them at first because they're the Georgia Studded Lace-Up Combat Boot. I had been looking at some studded Steve Madden boots when I stumbled upon these and decided they were a need. Unfortunately my color is no longer available, but you can get the black from here and I will be insanely jealous if you get them since they're on my wish list.

Since Spring Break is a month away I've been hitting the gym four-six times a week. It requires a lot of workout clothes and these yogas are not surprisingly my favorite. Me being taller than the average female I have a hard time finding yoga pants that have a long enough inseam to fit my legs. These come in the cutest colors and styles, I just can't get enough. You can get them here.

Moving onto beauty products, I recently bought this deep repair masque that has saved my life. My hair is always in a sad, brittle state but since I started using this my hair has come back to life. There are so many wonderful things I could say about this product, but they won't do it any justice. Do yourself a favor and purchase it here, you can thank me later.

I don't think there's anything left to say about the Naked 2 palette. It literally is the most amazing eye shadow palette I've owned (well since the original Naked palette.) I love all the cool shimmery colors and reach for it every single day. This is another product you need to have in your collection and if you don't already, shame on you. Buy it here and get lots of free little gifts with it.

This foundation is a new purchase for me but so far I really enjoy the coverage and how it goes on. I'm normally very picky when it comes to foundation but I've heard so much about the Revlon Nearly Naked that I had to try it out for myself. Ulta has tons of color options but the best part is Revlon is sold everywhere so it shouldn't be a problem finding it. I purchased Natural Beige.

Those are all my favorites for this month. I hope everyone has found some fun new things to try. I'm also hoping since spring is getting closer companies will start releasing products in pastels and neons. Nothing screams spring to me like petal soft pinks and lime green! If you've found any special products this month you wanna share leave it below in a comment and I'll make sure to check it out. Have a good week everyone.


January 23, 2013

What to wear to an interview

Being a fashion major, I get asked a lot of clothing questions. What to wear to this event, is white allowed after labor day and is it okay to wear black and brown together? While all of these are good questions, the one I get the most is what should I wear to an interview. For starters there is no exact answer to this question. But, there are guidelines to follow that will make picking the perfect interview outfit simple and stress free. 

1. Know the company you are applying for. If it's an office job stick to basics, black pants, button downs and plain flats. If the company has a little more flare you can have a little more fun but, still stick with classic shapes and simple prints.

2. Remember that you would rather be overdressed then under. It doesn't matter if you're applying for McDonalds or your dream job, you always want to come off as professional as possible. 

3. Your heels should be no higher than three inches. I love five inch platforms just as much as the next girl, but the work place is not the place to show off your new Steve Maddens

4. Skirts should come to an inch or two above the knees, no shorter. Make sure to always wear tights, an interview is not the place to show off your fab tan legs. Keep it modest and appropriate.

5. You can never go wrong with a blazer. They instantly class up an outfit and pull it all together. Black, grey and navy are always good to have on hand to go with everything.

6. Speaking of colors, you can never go wrong with black. It's slimming, professional and chic. 


Now I know these bulletin points sound boring, and they are, but interviews are not for showing off your best outfits. If you want to add some personalty to an outfit, try a statement necklace, some bangles or a fun purse. If you're thinking of adding a pop of color, do so in a blouse underneath a neutral color blazer or in some cute flats.

Also remember different jobs have different guidelines. Places like clothing stores like when you wear their brands to the interview to see how you'd style their clothing. More "fashiony" places like magazines want to see your personal style so accessorizes and funky pieces are allowed.

A good site for shopping is here!

I know this is a long post with a lot of information, but practice makes perfect. Try picking your outfit out a day or two in advanced and ask for a friend's opinion. Stick to simple pieces that are timeless instead of trendy and always remember less is more. The key to your interview outfit is confidence! Always make sure to keep your head high and your smile big.

Good luck!

January 10, 2013

Oh my goooooodnesssss!

Hello everyone!

I cannot believe that it has been this long since I've posted on here! So much has happened since the last time I've posted, I don't even know where to begin. To start off, I'm now in my 2nd semester as a senior and my days haven't gotten any less crazy. Due to one of my classes requiring me to have a blog, I will be back to posting for a couple of months regularly! Hopefully though I will keep up on it after too since I did love blogging. Stay tuned for a post in the next couple of days, I have some good things planned!