August 31, 2011

Quickie OOTD

  I was running really late to class today, so I only took 1 picture before running out the door. Also, please excuse the messy apartment, we've been a little crazy lately.
Shirt- Forever 21
Jeans- Forever 21
Boots- Charlotte Russe
Bracelets- Forever 21
Necklace- Forever 21

August 30, 2011

New Little Things To Try

  So first off, so sorry for the quality of these pictures. My camera is about 1 second away from getting thrown in the trash. I'm hoping I can save up enough to get another soon. I also will hopefully be taking pictures this weekend of my the clothes and make up items I got in New York and Detroit. Class is really kicking my butt. Anyways, while waiting to get my car oil changed, I decided to spend some time in Rite Aid to waste time and picked up a couple of things. I've been wanting to try this foundation for a while, considering my skin is bad, but I really liked my MAC and wanted to use it all up before buying a new one. I couldn't believe they were selling drugstore foundation for $13.99 :| Who do these companies think they are? Anyways, I was in a bind so I bought it and the powder (it was buy 1 get 1 50% off.) Both colors are in Soft Beige 50. I also go the eye shadow Champaign Fizz since Elle loves it so much.

August 29, 2011

Happiest Girl Everrrrr

  There are no words.

August 27, 2011

New York City Day 3

  Day 3 was a very sad day for me. I fell so in love with the city, I did not want to leave. We made the most out of each day, and that Tuesday was no expectation. We walked up and down Park Ave waiting for Betsey Johnson to open (I wanted to try on the ballet brogues to see how they fit, they didn't have them in stock :|.) Then we went to my new favorite place on Earth, The Met. I seriously fell in love with it. There was so much to do and look it, we barely covered a thing. My absolute favorite was the Armor Room (which I know seems weird, even to me, but it was beautiful.) After we went for a nice lunch and then checked out the Guggenheim. The building was beautiful, but the art work left a lot to be desired. I also forgot to mention we went to the MOMA too the second day, I only liked the top floor, modern art is not my thing. After we explored for a while, we took our first subway ride and went and saw The Cave of Dreams 3D which was cool. After we got more cupcakes and called it a night.
Just a full house, chilling inside The Met
The Gugg ceiling

August 26, 2011

New York City: Day 2

  Day 2 of our little adventure went more smoothly with a lot less rain. We walked up and down random streets and into little boutiques as well as some heavy hitters, like Chanel, Juicy Couture, and Louis Vuitton. We got a lot of stares from the employees making sure I didn't get too excited and walk out with a display shoe. I literally died in Chanel, I went around touching everything and practically drooling. I wanted to purchase everything, but as I'm a sad college student, I just got the perfect red lipstick. We took a little trip through Time Square then we also walked up through Central Park and went to the Central Park Zoo. From there we went up to the tippy top of the Empire State Building. The views from up top were gorgeous, and we got caught in a storm but since we were so high up, we were in the clouds and do look down on everything. After it stopped raining, we got dinner and cupcakes from an amazing little place, then walked across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset which was beautiful. All in all, it was amazingggg.
Rain taking over
Christian Louboutin<3
Magnolias Bakery

P.S. Soooo sorry these are taking so long. Who knew it takes so long to put up a blog post? Well now I do, on top of 18 school credits and a job, this is going to be one long year. Maybe I'll do a giveaway soon to make it up to you guys<3

August 22, 2011

New York: Day 1

  Alright lovies, I finally have more than 5 minutes to spend on myself, so I'm gonna spend it posting for you guys. Last Sunday was the day I left for New York City for the very first time. We had such an early flight (6 am) so my mom and I woke up at around 3:30 am to get everything ready to leave. We landed in NYC at around 9:30 am and it was DOWN POURING. Literally raining a ridiculous amount. Not letting that stop us, we took a taxi (I was traumatized the first couple of times, legit praying for my life. But after a while I began to love them and wish everyone drove this way lol) to our hotel (which wasn't ready yet), dropped our bags off and were on our way. I will just tell you, it's very hard to shop in the rain. I didn't have a rain coat and we only had 1 umbrella between the 3 of us, but somehow we made it happen. We ate breakfast at this amazing place called The Little Owl and it was delish. Then we hit the streets and walked in and out of little shops all day. Since it was such a long day, we went back to the hotel pretty early and I think all of us were asleep by 8:30 pm lol.
Pradaaaaa :)
View from our hotel room. And the cutest little apartment ever, I need to live in it one day :)

August 18, 2011


  Hiiiiii everyone :) Just wanted to do a little post letting you guys know that I didn't die. I got back from New York yesterday at around 3:00 pm and began the terrible process of cleaning my car and packing up all my stuff to move back to college today. Since I hadn't even started packing yet, it was a long, long day. I ended up crashing at about 10:30 pm and woke up this morning at 8:00 am. I left at 10:30 am and got to my apartment at about 1:15 pm and starting unpacking, showering, and getting ready to work 6:00-10:00 tonight at my new job. Needless to say I've been a busy bee. I will try really, really hard to get a post up about New York tomorrow, but I still have half of my stuff to unpack and I work again tomorrow and I haven't even put my pictures on my computer yet. Speaking of.. I wonder where my camera is at the moment lol. Hope everyone's week has been lovely! Xoxo

August 12, 2011

DIY Projects

  Being lazy won out yesterday (surprise surprise), so today I need to bust my booty and get stuff done. I've already covered 3 aluminum cans with really pretty scrapbook paper to use as pencils holders on my desk. I needed more holders (I'm a pencil/pen/highlighter freak) so instead of buying new ones that are black and boring, I wanted to make some myself and have them exactly the way I imagine them. I love the foil infused into the paper, it makes them so girly. They literally took me like 1 minute per can and I used Modge Podge to hold the paper on. I'm looking forward to study hours and looking up and seeing these and them making my mood a little better.
  I also cleaned up my vintage mirror I got at a garage sale (it is from Georgia, I knew that was a sign that I had to get it.) I can't decide yet what color to paint it, or if I'm even going to paint it. I really want to, but it might be to much of a hassle which stinks because the color doesn't match anything. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I still need to make a trip into town to buy supplies.
  I packed a bit for New York City too! I am very proud of myself for getting so much accomplished. I love packing for trips with my mom, we pull out a bunch of clothes, try stuff on and laugh for hours. After we get our outfits picked out, that's when the crazy stuff starts happening. We put on crazy things and start running around like 3 year olds. So it is a very long process to say the least. I also have my clothes picked out to bring back to college, I just have to shove things in garage bags and walk out the door.
  I'm going to end this pointless post now. Sunday-Tuesday I won't post at all because I'll be in New York and I'm not bringing my computer. Wednesday I'm coming back and hopefully I'll have enough strength to start putting NYC posts up, so stay tuned lovies. Xoxo

August 11, 2011


  I haven't put up a good blog in a long time. I would like to pretend it's because I've been having so much fun and doing great things, when really I've either been super busy running around like a chicken with its head cut off, or been too lazy and tired.
  Tuesday and Wednesday I went to my college town again to search for a job.. again. I was feeling really discouraged and hopeless till I went into my tanning salon to talk to the guy. Thankfully and luckily he saw potential in me and decided to give me an interview. The girl I interviewed with was amazingggg and so so nice. She gave me the job and I seriously could not be happier. It's a great place and I can't wait to become part of the team. My first day in next Thursday after I get back from NYC and I'm pumped.
  I also haven't even started packing for NYC or college. I should really get on this I know, but I just want to relax, which is like impossible. There are only a few precious days of summer left before I'm flung back into 18 credits and now work, so relaxation time is going to be rare. I also want to spend as much time with my mom as a can since she lives alone and I absolutely hate leaving her.
  Alright, I'm gonna stop being a drag and maybe go do something.. even though this season of America's Next Top Model is really good and I haven't seen it yet. So I will leave you with this picture of my puppy, which explains exactly how I'm currently feeling ;)

August 09, 2011

DIY Part 2

  I have been on a crafting/decorating spree as I mentioned in my last post. I have been to a couple garage sales looking for bargains I can take home and spruce up a bit. I got a new desk (which I didn't need), a coffee table, and a beautiful mirror I want to paint either black or hot pink. I also bought a ratty old window frame that I'm going to make into either a jewelry holder or just a pretty wall hanging. I'll show you a sneak peek, but I'll save the best for last when I finally finish it :) I'm going down to my college town today and tomorrow to hopefully get a job (pray for me please, I need it). Hope everyone's week is going great!
Pretty mirror, chubby legs.
Desk, Mini Coffee Table, Window Frame
New window frame :)

August 08, 2011

DIY Part 1

  I have reallyyyy been in the mood to create some cute decorations for my apartment. It could be because I'm not working and don't want to just sit around wasting away precious days. I normally am not very crafty (I can't even draw a straight line) but I thought this project was perfect. Messy, not perfect, and unique these string lanterns called my name. My friend posted the website from Stumble Upon on my Facebook and I rushed to town to pick her up and get supplies. I had a very fun time playing it the ooey gooey mixture while my boyfriend looked at me like a 5 year old (typical). I choose pink and yellow because they're my favorite colors and will brighten up any gloomy day we will have, then my boyfriend pouted slightly to get the green in there. Apparently pink and yellow aren't very manly. You can get the instructions here I added food coloring to the mixture to give it some spunk. Unfortunately the heat shrunk the 2 balloons that the pink were wrapped around, so they didn't turn out to well. I think them looking a little crazy though gives them personality and definitely shows I made them.

August 07, 2011

Back To School Tag :)

Since school is almost here, I wanted to do the back to school tag 2011!

What are you excited and/or nervous for this year? I really want to branch out and make a ton more friends this year. My last 2 years have been a little hard on me, so this year I want to break out and have the most fun I've ever had. I plan on getting involve in tons of activities, hopefully get a good job, and do everything I possibly can. I also want to do this while remaining on the Dean's List.

What's your favorite part of getting ready for back to school? Going back to school shopping. Not even for just clothes, but for supplies also. I'm a huge huge huge nerd so I can not wait to hit the mall!

What grade were you in when you first started wearing makeup to school? 6th grade maybe?

Where or from whom do you like getting inspiration for back to school I love looking at blogs and getting ideas. I also do an insane amount of online shopping to see what's new. But mostly I just wander around a store for hours and just grab things I like and figure out what it'll go with later. Very unproductive, but that's me.

What are your favorite upcoming "back to school"/fall trends for this year? I don't follow the trends to much. I love mixing and matching.

Where do you like to go shopping for back to school supplies? Wal Mart mostly.

What are your favorite stores to go back to school shopping? Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Abercrombie and Fitch, Wet Seal. Pretty much everywhere.

Will you be carrying a backpack or a purse to school this year? Which do you prefer? Backpack. With 18 credits I neeeeed my NorthFace backpack to take care of my back. I carry so much around with me, a tote would kill. They are super cute though and I get jealous I can't carry one.

What are 3 non-beauty essentials you HAVE to carry in your backpack/purse? Gum/Mints, Colored Pens, Binders

What are 3-4 beauty essentials that you HAVE to carry in you backpack/purse? Chapstick, powder, lipgloss

What are your go-to hair products for this year, and what is your go to hair style? My hair is currently in a sad state so I use a lot of oils (Paul Mitchell Sexy Skinny Serum) and split end stuff. I'm gonna be curling the bottom half probs every time I do it since I'm to scared to straighten it lol.

What are your go-to makeup products for this year and what is your go-to makeup look for school? A sparkly brown eye with black liner and mascara, glossy lips. I use the Naked Palette for that as well as my basics- Mac Studio Fix, Powder, Nars Blush and Bronzer.

What are your go-to clothing items for back to school, and what accessories to you plan to rock this year? Lots and lots of skinny jeans. Boots, cute tops, layers, lots of big jewelry.  

August 05, 2011

I Am So Bored

  And I don't really have anything to write about. My DIY post I was gonna do today didn't get finished because well I'm lazy lol. I haven't taken pictures yet and it's just so hot out I don't feel like it. I went to a book sale and garage saleing with my mom today and got 4 books and a new desk for my apartment. This is kind of a fail because I already have a desk and I was really looking for a chair for it, but I found the desk and loved it and had to have it. I started reading A Million Little Pieces today because my text books haven't came in and I wanted to read. This book is tearing apart my insides. I can't really handle blood or medical things with the body at all really (I'm such a baby when it comes to anything gross.) I don't know why I continue to read since I was so freaked out to tears earlier, but I have to finish now.
  I leave for New York City in 9 days and I haven't packed a thing. I haven't even looked at my closest to get ideas. I need to pack up my room to return to college still also because the day after I get back from NYC I go back to school. I can feel a fail coming on. But I'm just gonna sit here and continue to read this really gross book and cry some more. What is everyone else doing this weekend?
  OH I keep forgetting to post this, buuuut if anyone is bored like me, then add me on Twitter Here. I mostly complain about work, but now that I'm unemployed, there might be more happy tweets ;)

August 04, 2011

I Just Don't Get Somethings

  And by some, I mean a lot. But especially why celebrities feel the need to wear leotards on stage. And not just any leotard, bedazzled leotards. Not only are they very unflattering (I'm looking at you Britney Spears) but they are also ugly. I don't understand why this has become such a huge tend. Like who came up with this idea that celebrities should be half naked covered in rhinestones running across the stage? Whoever it was needs a shift kick to the booty for thinking of such a dumb idea. So here is a little peak into the best of the worst.
I could (unfortunately) go on and on and on buuuut I think you get the drift. So why are all these fabulous women wearing these ugly outfits? It can't be because they're comfortable. I can certain parts are becoming dangerous close to peaking out and they look wayyy to tight. I just think something else could be worn that is way more fashionable and still allow the girls to feel sexy.