August 09, 2011

DIY Part 2

  I have been on a crafting/decorating spree as I mentioned in my last post. I have been to a couple garage sales looking for bargains I can take home and spruce up a bit. I got a new desk (which I didn't need), a coffee table, and a beautiful mirror I want to paint either black or hot pink. I also bought a ratty old window frame that I'm going to make into either a jewelry holder or just a pretty wall hanging. I'll show you a sneak peek, but I'll save the best for last when I finally finish it :) I'm going down to my college town today and tomorrow to hopefully get a job (pray for me please, I need it). Hope everyone's week is going great!
Pretty mirror, chubby legs.
Desk, Mini Coffee Table, Window Frame
New window frame :)

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