July 30, 2011

Coral Crush

  I love the color coral. It is the perfect pinky orange summer shade. So when I went into Kmart a while back to get a yellow nail polish, you can imagine my excitement when I found "Coral Crush" by Maybelline. I was gonna take a picture with it on, but I was looking a little crazy from the beach that day, so it's going to have to wait.

The one problem is, I can't decide if I like the color on my lips. When I first put it on, it's a really pretty coral. Then when I step out into the real world, it's like a berry color? I dunno if it's playing tricks with my mind, but my coworkers agreed that it definitely looks different on. I'm still on the fence about this one.

July 29, 2011

My Back to School Shopping List

  I don't know about the rest of you guys, but school is coming up very quickly for me. I (obvi) am not very prepared. I need to get more clothes for the chilly (freezing) months that are coming up as well as to give my wardrobe a little kick. Since I'm going to New York and Detroit a couple days before classes actually begin, I'm trying to save for then so I can get unique special pieces. That being said, I am very guilty of shopping on line to get some ideas of what's out and what I want. These are my realistic (I'm looking at you Polyvore) wants for this school year.

I am loving breezy flowy blouses. Easy to throw on in a hurry but still looks completely put together. Perfect for a busy college girl.
If you run into me on any given day, I will probs be in a giant, cozy (I call them cozy, everyone else likes to say they are grandpa ;)) cardigan. They are my hands down favorite. I love layering and curling up in one when I'm studying or when it's freezing outside.
Does a blazer even need an explanation?
I need all 3 of these. End of story.
I need to update my accessories to be a little more funky and fun.
What's on your guys back to school shopping list? Let me know :)

July 28, 2011


  I have been in love with Lil Wayne since I was 13 years old (I'm almost 21 if you're wondering.) I like to pretend we have a special love connection that no one can break. I've seen him once in concert in May and I'm going back from seconds (and thirds and forths..) August 20th. I literally have no words for this mix tape. It is absolutely flawless. I'm LOVING Adele Weeze, I can't turn it off. Big Sean Weeze is amazing too. Listening to this before (and after) work was the only thing that got me through. This next concert is gonna be amazing and I can hardly wait. Till then I'll just keep dreaming about running away with him :)

  If you want the mix tape, you can download it for free here. Even though you should know, it does contain naughty words and is very inappropriate, causing me to love it even more.

July 27, 2011

Last post about my hair, promise

  OMG OMG OMG. I legit am the happiest girl in the world right now. I just got the courage to curl my hair (first time in 3 weeks that I've done more than just brushed it and put it in a bun) AND I'M NOT BALD! I was so scared it would fall out, but it looks normal :) SO HAPPY! Done pouting about it now, promise. This means I can take pictures of my face now, since my hair will be brushed, yayaya :)



  Yesterday we had a little family dinner cause my brother is back from law school for a couple of weeks. I love being home and having everyone around, even though my other brother (middle child) wasn't able to come. He's currently on tour so we don't get to see him very often. He's what I wore while prancing around outside :)
Shirt- Victoria's Secret Pink Collection
Jeans- Charlotte Russe
Watch- Wal Mart
Bracelet- Forever 21
Flower Ring- Forever 21
Scarf- Forever 21
Leaf Necklace- Forever 21
Booties- Kmart

July 26, 2011

A Little Spruce

  Brightened up the blog a bit, what do you girlies think?

Little Black Shirt

 I just realized I never posted my OOTD post on my striped black shirt. I didn't really like how the pictures turned out (surprise) so I'm only going to put like 2 up, but you get the point. I really do love this shirt, I wore it and some dark shorts to the beach last week and it was perfect.

  Shirt- Kmart
  Shorts- Forever 21
  Sandals- Wal Mart
  Bikini- Victoria's Secret/Wal Mart

  I have also come to the realization that I need a new camera. Well possibly, the one I have been using is my moms, and while it's okay, I want to step it up and get a good one. I dumbly left the charger for mine down state at my apartment. So when I go there in 2 weeks, I will make sure I grab it and see if that one works better. If not, I may bit the bullet and shop around a little.

 Hope everyone has a fab week

July 25, 2011


I'm hot, lazy, cranky, and bored. Looking at things I can't afford isn't making it any better. I'm also prematurely freaking out cause I can't find a job in my college town. I bet if I invested in a pair of light pink heels everything would be better.

July 24, 2011

Neeeew Yoooork

  To say I'm excited for New York City, is an understatement. I know it's a month away, but I have been peaking into my closet to find the perfect easy breezy outfits to wear. I need pieces that I can throw on quickly and are lightweight (It's going to be soooo hot) but look fabulous. Here are some dream items that hopefully I can snatch up look alikes soon :)
Neeeew Yoooork

July 23, 2011


  Poor girl, she had so much talent. Hopefully she has gone to a better place where she can escape all of her demons.

Face of the day

Foundation- MAC Studio Fix in NW 22
Powder- ELF Clarifying Face Powder
Highlight/Bronzer- Benefit 10
Mascara- Telescopic in Blackest Black
Eyeliner- Chanel Waterproof in Black
Eyeshadow- Maybelline Quad in Amethyst Smokes 06Q

Is it sad that I barely know what day it is anymore? That either it is a Kmart day or not a Kmart day? Yeah I thought so.. Xoxo

July 22, 2011

More hair isssssssues

  So as everyone knows, my hair is in a sad state. I'm currently writing this post with a homemade hair mask on my head. I mixed greek honey yogurt, an egg, and a bunch of olive oil together and I'm gonna let it sit for a couple of hours. The one I did last week was avocado, egg, mayo, and olive oil. I'm really hoping these masks can help my poor hair. I want to start doing my hair again (currently I wear it up in a messy bun every single day :\ ) and I'm getting really impatient. I guess the good thing about this heat wave is no one is doing their hair so I look semi normal. I'm going back to my college town in 2 weeks to apply for some jobs so I can't be prancing around looking crazy. Cross your fingers for me that soon I'll be able to look at my curling ward without feeling guilty! Hope everyone has a good weekend! Xoxo

Update: The hair mask I used when I was writing this didn't really do anything. With the previous mask I felt my hair was more soft, this one did not do that :(

July 21, 2011

This is what I do at work :)

  As all of you know, my life revolves around work. I am there pretty much every single day working my butt off (might be an exaggeration :P) To be really honest I love most of the people I work with and barely do anything but prance around all day. The one thing I hate though, are the customers. It is unbelievable how rude some people get when they walk into a corporation. I am not a slave, I do not have to drop everything I am doing to please your every demand. Please everyone remember this the next time you go somewhere. I am simply a college student earning minimum wage at a crappy none air conditioned store and I would like a little respect. If I can recall correctly, I do not go into other peoples place of employment and make them feel like crap about themselves. Anyways, completely getting off topic. So the main way I keep myself occupied (and refrain from killing everyone) is to shop around the store :) I know, I should not get excited to shop at Kmart, but being there 40 hours a week, it gets to me after a while. So here are some new purchases that make a crappy day a little bit better :) Oh and if you haven't been to your local Kmart, you should go, the new Bongo line with Audrina is actually super cute and affordable.
I really needed little booties with small heels. I'm a lover of 5+ inchers which aren't always ideal. Especially since I'm 5'8"
Everyone told me I looked like Robin Hood in these. I'm just gonna take it as a compliment ;) Annnnd I'm in love with the little lace ups up the back.
This picture does not do this justice. Which is why I'll do an OOTD tomorrow with it :) I actually wanted a different one, but it looked not so cute so my co workers had me try this one.
This was a little impulse buy. But for only $8 I couldn't resist. I can already tell this is gonna be a New York staple. Annnd don't mind the fact I look crazy lol It's for the best that the flash covered my face :P If only it could've covered the messy room..

July 20, 2011

Face of the day

  I'm getting ready to go work out and head to work so my face is just simple and natural today. It is also so hot up here I might die. Hope everyone's week is going great!
Foundation- MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NW22
Powder- Elf Clarifying Face Powder
Highlight/Bronzer- Benefit 10
Mascara- Telescopic Clean Definition in Blackest Black
Eyeliner- Chanel Waterproof
Eyeshadow- MAC Paint Pot in Rubenesque

 PS. Sorry for the creepy pose, it's so hot I couldn't handle more than 2 pictures, and I'm late! :)
PSS. Really excuse the eyebrows, they are getting fixed soon :)

July 18, 2011

Wish List?

Wish List?

$3,695 - barneys.com

Jimmy Choo high heels
$1,695 - net-a-porter.com

Christian Louboutin high heels
$1,595 - barneys.com

Brian Atwood high heels
$1,375 - net-a-porter.com

Red high heels
$1,195 - alexandermcqueen.com

Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe booties
$1,150 - giuseppezanottidesign.com

Halston high heels
£277 - theoutnet.com

Alexander McQueen high heels
£580 - harveynichols.com

Sam Edelman high heels
$355 - my-wardrobe.com

Ugg australia boots
$112 - zappos.com

Betsey Johnson high heels
$130 - zappos.com

Victoria's Secret high heels
$98 - victoriassecret.com

Forever21 vintage lace up boots
$31 - forever21.com