July 28, 2011


  I have been in love with Lil Wayne since I was 13 years old (I'm almost 21 if you're wondering.) I like to pretend we have a special love connection that no one can break. I've seen him once in concert in May and I'm going back from seconds (and thirds and forths..) August 20th. I literally have no words for this mix tape. It is absolutely flawless. I'm LOVING Adele Weeze, I can't turn it off. Big Sean Weeze is amazing too. Listening to this before (and after) work was the only thing that got me through. This next concert is gonna be amazing and I can hardly wait. Till then I'll just keep dreaming about running away with him :)

  If you want the mix tape, you can download it for free here. Even though you should know, it does contain naughty words and is very inappropriate, causing me to love it even more.

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