September 28, 2011


September 14, 2011

Young Mula Babyyyyy

  I will just add that I had to Google how to spell Mula, cause I'm dumb. Anyways, ohhh the Lil Wayne concert. Practically Heaven on Earth if you ask me. This time around, he performed with Lloyd, Far East Movement (Like a G6, Like like G6), Keri Hilson, and Rick Ross. I happen to have a love obsession with Rick Ross also, sooo seeing him again did not bother me one bit. Lloyd was good, Far East Movement was a little iffy for me, there was one guy who had a really long, black, shiny ponytail, and I could just not get over it. Keri Hilson was good and Rick Ross was great buuuut I only really care about Weezy lol. As usual he was amazingggg. Way funnier than last time, and he kept shaking those little hips *drool* and I almost died. We were pretty close (row 26) but my camera sucks and Weezy likes to run around stage like a crazy person, so the pictures are a little blurry. It's okay though, cause Lil Wayne makes them look allllll better <3
Miss Keri Babyyy
What a G

September 10, 2011


  Hi kittens, I would say that I'm sorry for being gone, but you've heard it all before. So to make it up to you, I did TWO Outfits Of The Day :) Both I wore to class. Sooo excited it's starting to turn into fall. I love colder weather, well not really, I love boots, leather jackets, sweaters and scarves ;) Anyways, I need to get back to homework time. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend :)
I don't like how these pictures look like I'm not wearing make-up :|
Shirt- Forever21
Jeans- Marc by Marc Jacob
Jacket- Maurices
Necklace- Forever21
Bangles- Forever 21
Watch- Wal Mart
Shoes- TJ Maxx
Why yes, I know my self picture taking skills are amazing ;)
Sweater- TJ Maxx
Jeans- Forever21
Necklace- Forever21
Boots- Charlotte Russe

P.S. I might be in the works for something special coming up in the next week, I won't give away any surprises till I know for sure, but I'm excited :)

September 03, 2011

Hauuuuuul Tiiiiiiiime

  Ohhh the perks of buying lots and lots of things. I tried to be good in NYC (yeah right), cause I knew when I got home I would be shopping with my sister. So while I was there, I bought little things like a MAC concealer, some nerd glasses, and a couple things from Lush that I might do a review on (hmmm.) I also purchased a Chanel lipstick annnnnnd I think that's it? I don't really remember right meow. I also don't know why I'm typing out what I'm thinking, cause it's not like I'm talking and could just erase all of this and no one would ever have to know how dumb I think. But what fun is that? Anyways, so when I got back I headed to Detroit to see my husband (Lil Waaaaayne bay beeee) (Post coming soon on that) and did some shopping there. I got 5 shirts, a hat, and a bracelet from Forever 21 and 2 pairs of shoes and 2 things of earrings from Charlotte Russe. It was a very quick trip due to the fact my sister was dying that day (She should always remember Jager Bombs are not her friend, and so should all you guys, they do nothing but harm.) I also got another Lil Wayne shirt (obvi) to add to my growing collection. And I've been picking up things here and there, so I'll add all that info to the pictures and what not. Ta-ta lovies! Xoxo
Forever 21
American Eagle
Forever 21
American Eagle
Forever 21
Forever 21
Forever 21
Charlotte Russe
Forever 21
They are both missing a pair of studs.. cause I wore them lol
This really is cuter in person, I guess I could have held it better lol
Young Mula Babyyyy

PS If you go back and look at my School Shopping List (Here) I actually bought a couple things I posted without realizing. Guess I like what I like :)
PSS I'm gonna do a beauty product haul this week :)

September 02, 2011

Game Day

  Yesterday was my school's first football game of the season. Let's just say I got a little cray cray and had way to much fun. This year has already been so much better than past semesters. I'm busy constantly, but I kind of love it. Tonight was my first night at work closing alone, and it was very stressful. I made up for it by buying a pizza and breadsticks which was such a bad idea. I can't really control myself when pizza and breadsticks are brought into the picture, and I've eaten wayyy to much. I realize this paragraph barely makes sense and I keep jumping around, but I'm exhausted and I'm gonna get ready for bed. Here's some pictures from yesterday, some crazy, some not so much. You guys can decide which of my two sides you like better ;)