September 02, 2011

Game Day

  Yesterday was my school's first football game of the season. Let's just say I got a little cray cray and had way to much fun. This year has already been so much better than past semesters. I'm busy constantly, but I kind of love it. Tonight was my first night at work closing alone, and it was very stressful. I made up for it by buying a pizza and breadsticks which was such a bad idea. I can't really control myself when pizza and breadsticks are brought into the picture, and I've eaten wayyy to much. I realize this paragraph barely makes sense and I keep jumping around, but I'm exhausted and I'm gonna get ready for bed. Here's some pictures from yesterday, some crazy, some not so much. You guys can decide which of my two sides you like better ;)


  1. You look really pretty in the 1st pic!!!

  2. Awwe thank you! :) I'm pretty sure it was all that natural lighting ;) haha