September 10, 2011


  Hi kittens, I would say that I'm sorry for being gone, but you've heard it all before. So to make it up to you, I did TWO Outfits Of The Day :) Both I wore to class. Sooo excited it's starting to turn into fall. I love colder weather, well not really, I love boots, leather jackets, sweaters and scarves ;) Anyways, I need to get back to homework time. Hope everyone is having a nice weekend :)
I don't like how these pictures look like I'm not wearing make-up :|
Shirt- Forever21
Jeans- Marc by Marc Jacob
Jacket- Maurices
Necklace- Forever21
Bangles- Forever 21
Watch- Wal Mart
Shoes- TJ Maxx
Why yes, I know my self picture taking skills are amazing ;)
Sweater- TJ Maxx
Jeans- Forever21
Necklace- Forever21
Boots- Charlotte Russe

P.S. I might be in the works for something special coming up in the next week, I won't give away any surprises till I know for sure, but I'm excited :)

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