September 14, 2011

Young Mula Babyyyyy

  I will just add that I had to Google how to spell Mula, cause I'm dumb. Anyways, ohhh the Lil Wayne concert. Practically Heaven on Earth if you ask me. This time around, he performed with Lloyd, Far East Movement (Like a G6, Like like G6), Keri Hilson, and Rick Ross. I happen to have a love obsession with Rick Ross also, sooo seeing him again did not bother me one bit. Lloyd was good, Far East Movement was a little iffy for me, there was one guy who had a really long, black, shiny ponytail, and I could just not get over it. Keri Hilson was good and Rick Ross was great buuuut I only really care about Weezy lol. As usual he was amazingggg. Way funnier than last time, and he kept shaking those little hips *drool* and I almost died. We were pretty close (row 26) but my camera sucks and Weezy likes to run around stage like a crazy person, so the pictures are a little blurry. It's okay though, cause Lil Wayne makes them look allllll better <3
Miss Keri Babyyy
What a G

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