July 26, 2011

Little Black Shirt

 I just realized I never posted my OOTD post on my striped black shirt. I didn't really like how the pictures turned out (surprise) so I'm only going to put like 2 up, but you get the point. I really do love this shirt, I wore it and some dark shorts to the beach last week and it was perfect.

  Shirt- Kmart
  Shorts- Forever 21
  Sandals- Wal Mart
  Bikini- Victoria's Secret/Wal Mart

  I have also come to the realization that I need a new camera. Well possibly, the one I have been using is my moms, and while it's okay, I want to step it up and get a good one. I dumbly left the charger for mine down state at my apartment. So when I go there in 2 weeks, I will make sure I grab it and see if that one works better. If not, I may bit the bullet and shop around a little.

 Hope everyone has a fab week

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