August 08, 2011

DIY Part 1

  I have reallyyyy been in the mood to create some cute decorations for my apartment. It could be because I'm not working and don't want to just sit around wasting away precious days. I normally am not very crafty (I can't even draw a straight line) but I thought this project was perfect. Messy, not perfect, and unique these string lanterns called my name. My friend posted the website from Stumble Upon on my Facebook and I rushed to town to pick her up and get supplies. I had a very fun time playing it the ooey gooey mixture while my boyfriend looked at me like a 5 year old (typical). I choose pink and yellow because they're my favorite colors and will brighten up any gloomy day we will have, then my boyfriend pouted slightly to get the green in there. Apparently pink and yellow aren't very manly. You can get the instructions here I added food coloring to the mixture to give it some spunk. Unfortunately the heat shrunk the 2 balloons that the pink were wrapped around, so they didn't turn out to well. I think them looking a little crazy though gives them personality and definitely shows I made them.


  1. These are cute!! Are you going to hang them from the celeing?

  2. Yup! I'm just gonna use some fish line so they look like they're floating. I can't decide if I wanna hang the group of 6 together or if I wanna do 2 sets of 3. Such hard decisions.. lol

  3. These are amazing Georgia!! I actually bought some exact replicas to put in a bowl on my dining room table but I would WAY prefer to make them - am going to add it to my weekend DIY!
    p.s I absolutley love your comment in your little about me about putting together an outfit like nobodies business! I'm brand new to your blog but will look forward to all your fashion posts :)

    Anna xo