August 22, 2011

New York: Day 1

  Alright lovies, I finally have more than 5 minutes to spend on myself, so I'm gonna spend it posting for you guys. Last Sunday was the day I left for New York City for the very first time. We had such an early flight (6 am) so my mom and I woke up at around 3:30 am to get everything ready to leave. We landed in NYC at around 9:30 am and it was DOWN POURING. Literally raining a ridiculous amount. Not letting that stop us, we took a taxi (I was traumatized the first couple of times, legit praying for my life. But after a while I began to love them and wish everyone drove this way lol) to our hotel (which wasn't ready yet), dropped our bags off and were on our way. I will just tell you, it's very hard to shop in the rain. I didn't have a rain coat and we only had 1 umbrella between the 3 of us, but somehow we made it happen. We ate breakfast at this amazing place called The Little Owl and it was delish. Then we hit the streets and walked in and out of little shops all day. Since it was such a long day, we went back to the hotel pretty early and I think all of us were asleep by 8:30 pm lol.
Pradaaaaa :)
View from our hotel room. And the cutest little apartment ever, I need to live in it one day :)

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