August 12, 2011

DIY Projects

  Being lazy won out yesterday (surprise surprise), so today I need to bust my booty and get stuff done. I've already covered 3 aluminum cans with really pretty scrapbook paper to use as pencils holders on my desk. I needed more holders (I'm a pencil/pen/highlighter freak) so instead of buying new ones that are black and boring, I wanted to make some myself and have them exactly the way I imagine them. I love the foil infused into the paper, it makes them so girly. They literally took me like 1 minute per can and I used Modge Podge to hold the paper on. I'm looking forward to study hours and looking up and seeing these and them making my mood a little better.
  I also cleaned up my vintage mirror I got at a garage sale (it is from Georgia, I knew that was a sign that I had to get it.) I can't decide yet what color to paint it, or if I'm even going to paint it. I really want to, but it might be to much of a hassle which stinks because the color doesn't match anything. I guess I'll just have to wait and see. I still need to make a trip into town to buy supplies.
  I packed a bit for New York City too! I am very proud of myself for getting so much accomplished. I love packing for trips with my mom, we pull out a bunch of clothes, try stuff on and laugh for hours. After we get our outfits picked out, that's when the crazy stuff starts happening. We put on crazy things and start running around like 3 year olds. So it is a very long process to say the least. I also have my clothes picked out to bring back to college, I just have to shove things in garage bags and walk out the door.
  I'm going to end this pointless post now. Sunday-Tuesday I won't post at all because I'll be in New York and I'm not bringing my computer. Wednesday I'm coming back and hopefully I'll have enough strength to start putting NYC posts up, so stay tuned lovies. Xoxo


  1. They're really cute designs. Oooh I hope you have a nice tim in NYC :)


  2. These are just adorable! See this is something I would just never think to do. It's so quick and easy though. Wow, enjoy New York- very jealous, I'm from the UK, but I've been lucky enough to go to New York twice and I absolutely loved it! x

  3. Thanks ladies :) And I must admit Anna, that I googled "easy diy projects" hahaha. So I kinda cheated. I'm so so so excited for NYC! Like an unbelievable amount. I would love to go to the UK too though :)

  4. That is an adorable idea! I love them. =)