August 05, 2011

I Am So Bored

  And I don't really have anything to write about. My DIY post I was gonna do today didn't get finished because well I'm lazy lol. I haven't taken pictures yet and it's just so hot out I don't feel like it. I went to a book sale and garage saleing with my mom today and got 4 books and a new desk for my apartment. This is kind of a fail because I already have a desk and I was really looking for a chair for it, but I found the desk and loved it and had to have it. I started reading A Million Little Pieces today because my text books haven't came in and I wanted to read. This book is tearing apart my insides. I can't really handle blood or medical things with the body at all really (I'm such a baby when it comes to anything gross.) I don't know why I continue to read since I was so freaked out to tears earlier, but I have to finish now.
  I leave for New York City in 9 days and I haven't packed a thing. I haven't even looked at my closest to get ideas. I need to pack up my room to return to college still also because the day after I get back from NYC I go back to school. I can feel a fail coming on. But I'm just gonna sit here and continue to read this really gross book and cry some more. What is everyone else doing this weekend?
  OH I keep forgetting to post this, buuuut if anyone is bored like me, then add me on Twitter Here. I mostly complain about work, but now that I'm unemployed, there might be more happy tweets ;)


  1. Hey Georgia! I just nominated you for a Butterfly award :) I love you blog and you really deserve it :) Check it out here!

  2. haha it says i love you, i love YOUR blog!

  3. Awwe thanks girls! I was just reading yours (obsessed also, btw) and we are seriously like the same person. 2 little peas in a pod! hahaha, okay, enough weirdness from me now :P