August 01, 2011

Coral Crush Lipstick Part 2

  Alriiiight so the photo I'm about to show you might scare young children. You were warned ;) Anyways, this lipstick is driving me nuts. Here is the first picture of when I just put it on before work. I'm about to eat dinner then head to work, I'll put a new layer on before I go, so I'll take another picture when it decides to change colors.. if it decides to, it might not because it knows I wanna document it. And yes, I look this crazy on a daily basis. My favorite questions at Kmart is when customers ask if this is my real hair, hahaha. Like I would pay to look like this :P
Okay so this is a couple hours after driving into work with natural light. Is it just me or is it seriously darker? Maybe I'm just nuts. I think Coral Crush though should be way more orangey than this pink color. Should I keep it or return it to get a better one?


  1. you look so cute:) I love it:)

  2. I actually like it both ways! If you want it to keep that coral color, try a lip primer. Maybe it has something to do with your lips (like if you get hot or overly cold, your skin gets more red pigment)