July 06, 2011

Fitness Tag

1. what is your favourite way to stay in shape?
Currently I go to Curves in my hometown. I love love love it there for multiple reasons. 1. It is actually super cheap, only $99 for 4 months. How could I past up $25 a month for a gym?! 2. It's just for women. I like the feeling of being able to go looking like crap and no one will judge me. 3. The ladies are SO nice!

2. what is your lease favourite way to stay in shape?
Running outside. I try SO hard to run outside and for some reason I just can't do it. It actually hurts my insides and puts me in the worst mood, I hope one day I can fix this because I love the sun.

3. what's your favourite fruit?
I love love love fruit, pretty much all of it. My favorites are bananas, kiwis, and blueberries.

4. what's your favourite veggie?
I love potatoes and corn and tomatoes. I try to get out of my comfort zone and try different things but I am a baby when it comes to food.

5. what's your guilty pleasure?
I'm obsessed with chocolate. Any form of it, I will eat. I can go way overboard which is not good. I recently picked up dark chocolate covered almonds which is perfect cause I can eat a couple and feel satisfied. I also love bittersweet chocolate. McDonald's chicken nuggets with honey mustard sauce also kills me.

6. do you prefer working out with someone or alone?
I love working out with my sister. We push each other to work harder and we gossip the whole time we're at the gym. She also makes me get off my butt on lazy days and forces me to go with her, which I always appreciate at the end.

I tag everyone! Leave it as a comment so I can read the responses :)

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