August 02, 2011

Another Tag :)

Random Facts
1. I have a large crazy family. I have 6 siblings (real, halves, and steps) and we've helped each other through a lot of ups and downs.
2. Tomorrow is my last day of work! :)
3. I love love love to read. My mom started me young and it really paid off. On my ACTs I only missed 1 point in the reading section :)
4. I am pigeon toed. Don't expect me to run or do anything quickly, I will trip and fall.
5. I like animals more than people most of the time.
6. I've had like 89348944 cell phones. I either break them or get bored and buy a new one.
7. I'm obsessed with Teen Mom. It's one show I will never miss. 

Award Other Blogs
I tag everyone! Send a link back or leave it in my comments so I can check out your answers.

1. Favorite color- Pink and Yellow.
2. Favorite song- At the moment Adele Weeze/Racks off of Sorry For The Wait. All time- Something You Forgot- Lil Wayne and What It Takes Aerosmith.
3. Favorite dessert- Anything chocolate.
4. What makes you mad- A lot of things. I find disrespect to bug me the most and unfortunately a lot of people were not taught their manners growing up.
5. When you're upset you...-  Yell at people :)
6. Favorite Pet- I love them all equally :)
7. Black or white(to wear)- White makes me look more tan.. black skinnier, it's a tie.
8. Biggest fear- The dark and spiders.
9. Everyday attitude- Depends. Silly most of the time.
10. Guilty pleasure- Hmm I don't know if I have any? Maybe how much money I spend shopping lol

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