August 03, 2011


  I love Minnetonka's. Correction I love Minnetonkas. I have wanted a pair for FOREVER but could never really imagine prancing around with fringe hanging everywhere. Also living in snow drenched Michigan, they aren't very practical. Welp, tonight, right now(actually like 30 minutes ago) I decided I will step outside of my comfort zone and get a pair. I'm not sure which pair yet as I need to see them in person and try them on, but here are some that I am currently dying over.
These are currently my favorite and the ones I will probs get. I love this color.
I love these too, but I don't know if I can commit to all this action.
If I still had black hair, I would totally get these and pretend to be Pocahontas every day.
These are my second favorite. Soooo cute.
I have a big decision to make here. So many boots, so little time :)


  1. Those are kind of uglier than Uggs


  2. As an Australian, I say these rule! And so do uggs lol
    I've seen some really cute shoes like this from House of Harlow 1960, you should have a look!
    elle x

  3. Rachel- They are legit Indian shoes. They are what the Indians use to wear before we conquered their land many many years ago. My town is actually like a huge Indian reservation so a ton of little shops sell them.
    Elle- I love love love them! I think they are so unique and fun. I also love Uggs, I own like 3 pair :). I will def check out House of Harlow!

  4. I live in Minneapolis and I own the last pair in black. I live next to the city of Minnetonka! I must say, I LOVE these boots.
    I wore them all winter (along with half of the other girls that live here!) and they're so nice and super adorable.

    Pros: They form to your feet so they're comfortable
    Cons: The sound. It takes some time getting used to the sound of the fringe when you walk haha
    And if you're wearing them with thick socks, I'd suggest going a size up since they run small.

  5. Ah! I'm so happy someone shares my love haha. I was thinking they would be good for winter time since that's what they were originally made for, I'm just scared of all the salt they put everywhere. I'm also happy you understand what winter really is lol. I come from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, so our winters go hard. Thanks for advice, I am dyingggg for a pair even more now!