October 02, 2011

September Favorites!

  Hi lovies! I am SO excited that it's finally October! It is my absolute favorite month of the year. Red and orange, pumpkins, HALLOWEEN! Have I mentioned that I love Halloween? Actually, I'm completely obsessed. I always want to start decorating at the beginning of September, but try to control myself till October 1st. Annnnd looky here, It's October 1st :) I get a tad out of hand with decorations just because I love them so much. I'll try to upload some pictures once I get everything in place. Anyways, back to my favorites. I only have a few so leggo.
I have been using this everyday. The coverage is a little sheer for me, and it was kinda expensive, but for some reason I like it.
I've been using my stippling brush everyday to apply my foundation instead of a beauty sponge and I like it a lot more.
I've been using Rubenesque by MAC every day too, the color is just so perfect.
This makes my lashes huuuuuge!
Halloween Nail Polish! :D


  1. it's cool :)
    follow me too http://atevazilerd.blogspot.com/

  2. I've been using the MAC paint pot in Rubenesque for years now. I've kinda put it on the back burner, but after reading this my love for it has been rekindled :)

  3. Awwe yayyy! I love Rubenesque! It's literally my favorite color!

  4. Good advice! Thanks for sharing,
    love, Lacey