July 11, 2011

Update :)

  I have FINALLY beat the cold that has clung onto me for the past week, so I will have some OOTD posts up this week. I went down to Detroit this weekend to watch my brother play a concert (amazing) and did a little shopping at the mall so I will post a haul later this week also. I have been babying my hair (previous post) all week and am hoping I can nurse it back to health and get it pretty again. Fingers crossed.
  In more exciting news, my parents informed me tonight that for my 21st birthday they are taking me to New York City! I am so so SOOOO excited because I have wanted to go for forever and something always gets messed up in the process. We are going in August even though my birthday isn't until December because I am not giving them a chance to back out lol. So I started to read my New York City book to plan some of the stuff I wanna do and want to see. I can't even say what I'm more excited about, going there, shopping there, or sight seeing, but one things for sure, I am BEYOND excited to go!
  I also got other great news tonight. Since I started working out and doing Weight Watchers, I have lost 9.4 pounds in 28 days! I feel really good, but I can't wait to lose more. If the scale was right at the gym in June, I've lost a total of 16 pounds since being home :) Only about 25 more pounds till I reach my first big goal and I'm hoping to lose another 10-15 pounds before leaving for NYC.
  So today has been beyond incredible, I can't believe how lucky I am and how much fun I'm going to have! Has anyone ever been to NYC? And if so what are some great places to visit? Hope everyone's weekend was amazing!


  1. If you're going to see a show, i recommend Wicked. It was AMAZING. :)

  2. what the EFF!!! you went to detroit and didnt stop by to see me?!!? lol
    and I agree with MissCouture17 Ive seen wicked twice in Chicago and in NYC and it was sooo good :)))

  3. I sorry! I was literally there for less than 24 hours :| Hunter was playing so we drove down to see him :) Next time :)

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  5. Bailee Lynn I don't think you added me, cause it is not showing up in my followers.