July 04, 2011

Water Bobble

  Living in the country is great in many ways; room to roam, play space with the puppies, nature. But it also has a huge downside, well water. My water is terrible contrary to what my mother says. It is so bad that I can't even drink it because it gives me stomach aches. So I have been living off of bottled water for practically my whole life which is very wasteful, but very handy as well. So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across Water Bobbles. Water bottles with a personal little filter in them to make every drink taste fresh and delish. I personally just ordered mine 5 minutes ago so I can't for sure yet comment on how well they work, but I have read different things about them, and one of my friends bought the family pack and she loves them. They are also so much better for the environment since I won't be buying and throwing away plastic anymore.
  I bought the 18.5 fl oz one in magenta, but I really love the yellow and lavender too. Thank goodness I get to switch the filter every 2 months so I won't feel stuck with just one color.

  I was also torn between between the 18.5 fl oz and the 1L size. I'm hoping it'll be the perfect size to carry around from class to class and to work outs.

  You can pick up one or if you just can't decide like me, a family pack at waterbobble.com. Let me know if anyone decides to pick one up and how they like it. I will do a review after I get it and used it a bit :) Happy 4th of July! :)

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  1. My boyfriend bought me one of these! I love it! At first I was pretty grossed out about all the black stuff you have to wash out of the filter, but they really are great bottles!