February 18, 2013

How to Wear: Combat Boots

Last fall's trends hit me like a ton of bricks. Suddenly there were short leather boots everywhere. Lace up, black, brown, studded and zippers, combat boots came in every variety and I knew I needed at least six pairs. Now that it's currently winter and all I can think of is spring, I'm starting to see my boots in a whole new light. Instead of giant knit sweaters and hats, I'm thinking about pairing them with sweet lace shirts and pretty summer dresses. These outfits are my newest obsession and the only way I'm making it through winter without losing my sanity.

This is the perfect way to bring your fall boots into spring. The mix between girly delicate pieces and the tough studded boots makes for a great combo. Steve Madden always has a great selection of boots, including the pair above.

This is my favorite kind of outfit. I love simple flirty dresses than can just be thrown on and go with everything. Once the temperatures start heating up I can guarantee this will be a go-to look again and again this spring.

This outfit is perfect for those lazy days where you want to look like you got ready but you also want to be comfy all day. This sweater is from Etsy and I am so beyond obsessed with it!

Once summer comes I will for sure be pairing my boots with shorts on long walking days, I just can't get enough. What is your spring inspiration? Leave me a comment below.


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  1. It seems like combat boots are slowly becoming one the girls must-haves! They can be paired almost with any outfit as long as you can work it. Anyway, I like the green combat boots! I hope I can find a pair soon. Thanks for your spring inspirations!

    -Kisha Kitchens