March 13, 2013

My Latest Obsessions- Shift Dresses and Tribal Print

As I'm sure we all know by now, it doesn't take a lot to get me excited for a new trend. Once I see it in pretty colors and available for a good price, I have to have it. This Spring is no exception. My current lust worry trends are shift dresses and anything in tribal print. Shift dresses first caught my attention when I spotted a couple on LuLu's in pretty pastels. I knew at once I need 4 of them for the warmer months to show off my tan. They are just so effortlessly gorgeous looking and perfect for throwing on over a bathing suit to grab lunch or go shopping. Tribal print has been around the past couple of seasons, but now it's being made over in gorgeous neon colors that make me need it. From tops, to bags, to phone cases tribal print is easy to bring in to any wardrobe.

This was the original dress I saw back in January that started it all. Such a pretty color combination with the cream and ombre pink, I wanted it immediately. I tried to be good and not order it for a little while, but we all know I have zero self control and recently purchased it. You can pick it up here and we can be twinnies.

This is a new addition to the website and I am dangerously close to purchasing it. Not only is it brightly colored, but it's brightly colored with this seasons most popular colors. I would wear this dress everyday if it wasn't considered weird. I love the half sleeves on the dress and how easy it is to dress it up or down. You can purchase it here

I feel like we're all friends here, so I know that I can tell you guys that I also bought this dress (in a different color) and you won't judge me. I was debating back and forth between this color and the peach/lilac color that I bought. I adore this cream and navy combo and now I'm a little sad I didn't get this one. This would be perfect in the summer with cognac sandals and long gold necklaces. You can get it here, just don't tell me or otherwise I'll be really jealous.

These are by far my favorite pair of pants ever. I can't get over how cute the coral is with the pink tribal print. I want them so, so so bad but I'm trying so hard to behave. These would be so cute with a sheer flowy top and brown leather sandals. They may accidentally end up in my shopping cart after this blog because I need them. You can get them here

If you're feeling less certain about tribal print and want to slowly introduce pieces into your closet, these bangles are perfect. I love how the coral and yellow would spice up any outfit without making it look too much. Grab them here.

This shirt is great for casual days where you don't want to put much effort into choosing an outfit. I love the metallic accents that keep it from looking too boring. The blues and pinks together also give the shirt a very girly vibe without being too overpowering. Find it here.

Last but not least, is this gorgeous dress from LuLu's. I love the soft colors in this dress because it's so different from anything else I've seen. I also love the high-low hem and halter neck. It's a very unusual shape in the perfect way. This dress would look great with a pair of black heels for an evening out.

Now that you guys know I'm a complete shopaholic and have no restraint, what are you planning on picking up this season? I'm still waiting for the warm weather to show up so I have a chance to wear all my new clothes, but until then I'll just keep day dreaming about all the different ways I could be wearing them. Have a great week.


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