July 13, 2011

Victoria's Secret and Wal Mart Haul

  This weekend I went down to watch my brother play a concert in Detroit. Fortunately we got there with some extra time to shop, unfortunately the mall was only open for another hour because it was a Sunday. So we rushed to get to the Victoria's Secret Outlet store aka heaven on earth. It was completely packed and full of chaos, but I think that's most of the fun. There was so much stuff packed inside of the store it took up most of the hour we were there. I went into Forever 21 also, but only had about 10 minutes to shop and that wasn't enough time to get anything :(
I love love love these bras. They are so cute and comfortable. I accidentally got the red one in a larger size but I can layer them and it'll work just fine :)
These are the comfiest tanks in the world. I can wear them to sleep, work out, or with a cute flippy skirt. And the colors are amazing.
If I were a bikini bottom, this would be me. Sparkly, hot pink and cheetah. Soooo perfect. Now I just need a top to match. Any suggestions?
I can't wait to wear this in the fall. The satin brown ribbon is just adorable to me. It's so soft too and really flowy and long.
I got both of these at Wal Mart for less than $10 each. I'm trying to spruce up the apartment a bit and I can't wait to hang these in the living room. I also thought the Empire State Building one is very fitting :) Hopefully Paris will come soon ;)
I got the bottoms from Victoria's Secret and since they had 0 tops, when I went to Wal Mart I found a cheap white one to match. I wish they would've had a red one, but for $6 I couldn't be to picky.
I'm obsessed with the little frilly detail on the bottoms :)


  1. Very cute George! Which reminds me I need to buy new workout clothes! haha

  2. Thanks bebes. That outlet is def the best thing everrrrr

  3. I have the Marilyn and Audrey pictures, too!